domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Where do I live?

I live in the Santa Rita county urbanization San Benito house number 19 is a very quiet and passable and that within the urbanization have a preschooler, a school a high school, the hospital is behind the complex.
We also have two butchers, two bakeries, two kindergartens and two fruitarian and could not miss a car wash.
All are good neighbors and work together to have a quiet community clean and safe.


Well as usual I get up at six o'clock every day to go to school to work there at twelve o'clock I go home and look for my brothers to school.
After lunch I go to college I go home at five in the afternoon to reach the class I plan to give the school the next day and the tasks of the university.
On Saturdays I get up at eight o'clock to go to visit my grandmother and then my uncles and then go to the salon and at night I meet with my cousins
​​and cousins.
On Sundays I get up at seven o'clock to go to breakfast with my dad and my brothers then go to the beach for a while my dad and family there to share in the day.



Beyond what is shown on the television media, on talk radio and in newspapers, we can say that our planet is being degraded more and that global warming is already a fact. Many of us always think of this big problem as it is to emerge or that is alien to us, but the results are already being observed.
The poles are warming three times faster than the rest of the world, generating an increase in sea levels, potentially leading to serious damage on the coast inland. We saw the tsunami occurred off the coast of Asia, which brought with it thousands of deaths and millions of dollars in infrastructure damage. In this way, all climate result is subject to global warming, because all means of life on earth is subject to temperature and sunlight.
On the other hand, if global warming continues to rise, we can say that within 30 to 40 years will see huge water wars, a huge demand for food due to famine existing deep and the presence of a very ill population varied.

Reflecting further on this big problem, we can say that global warming does not follow a linear law, but presents fluctuations in terms of rise and fall in average temperature due to processes and natural variability. The most striking phenomenon in general, is the El Niño phenomenon, where the surface temperature increased 0.15 ° C per decade.
Therefore, face these problems encountered, we must realize and identify some measures to overcome and re-arm this way to bring the world.

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

my family

My family My cousin hugged me this is like my brother born the same day, studied law in the city and shares all weekend with me, is the largest angel of the house. My parents are the best in the world and that together with my brothers taught me many things, they are always there guiding us along the right path. My mother is a housewife 44 years old and Spanish cuisine is very rich.

My father is a merchant has 54 years of age is loving, honest and responsible and is the best in the world.
My brothers are twins are 12 years old are my life, studying eighth grade are very smart and I'm very proud of them as they are on the honor roll at school love them. And I hope they stay that way. My nephew is the angel of the house and also the most Tremendita d is 3 years old is my little ray of light. We are surprised every day with their intelligence and is very cute and adorable. My best friend happened to them as long as they live nearby, I have always had with them through thick and thin are the most studied both instruments, are honest, are very important to me since we are friends since kindergarten. My best friends as I studied holistic education in the city, from preschool studied together as best friends, they are with them I have grown and our dream is to travel together to Venice and continue our studies.


Hello world! Welcome to my blog ... In this blog, you can read about me and my English class. I'll post my work and interesting things about learning a second language.

Hello, there! My name es yanina Hernández. I live in the Santa Rita county. I have 20 years and comprehensive education study URBE. My favorite subjects are math and English but not so much dominated. Level 5, k-502 class.

I love music, surf the web, study, hang out with my friends, being with my family. I hate smoking, getting up early on weekends, violence, war, injustice ...

My dream is to travel to many cities around the world, and live in Venice with my family. First I want to graduate and be a good educator. I love to work in a great school and buy a house, get married and raise a beautiful family.

About English, I love learning new languages. English is very important. I can write well, but I have to practice more. The hardest thing for me is talking. I need to practice.

Well, this is a bit of me. Friends I love the brand. I like my friend? if you want to be my friend ... please leave a comment ...